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       < Application: Trail / Adventure / Bush 75kg
Problem:     Poor adjustment range
Comments / observations:
    "Is there available an aftermarket lowering linkage for my bike? I need to drop the seat height about 3-4 cm"    
Yes, you can change the linkage to lower the height, problem is, it also changes lever ratios and rising rate and generally tends to make things too firm. We can lower the bike by 40-50mm using the standard linkage and shock spring and then we usually revalve the suspension to suit rider and application also.

You mention poor adjustment range, this is an example of a setting that doesn't suit the rider. The front forks must be lowered at the same time otherwise handling suffers badly. Unfortunately the front springs need to be replaced and then again, we always revalve at the same time. The lowering process is reversible, should you want to change it back in the future.

  • Lowering Fork Revalve, Service Set-up and spring and billet spacers

  • Lowering Shock Revalve, Service Set-up and spring and billet spacers

When we revalve front and rear, there is no extra charge for lowering as we already have the bike apart and the additional work from there to lower is minimal - therefore, we will do no extra charge for lowering at the same time.

FYI, for lowering only our prices are $185.00 front and $180.00 rear and includes full service.