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    Honda   Blackbird 2003    
       < Application: Sports / Touring 90kg
Problem:     Poor adjustment range
Comments / observations:
    "Hard back end still factory shock"    
You are quite correct in assessing your shock as having a very hard feel. It suffers from too much rebound and packs down to give the hard feeling. Compression damping also adds to the harshness which is difficult to identify without understanding how the shock works. We modify and revalve the standard shock to remove harshness, increase damping range to give a smooth, plush stable feel to the bike.

We also modify the forks, usually at the same time (your choice), and mend a harsh, square-edged bump feel. At 90kg you are past the range of the rear spring and especially the front spring.  To get the best from the bike, you should replace both. The bike will then have a solid planted feel with plushness, excellent braking control and stable cornering.

  • Fork Revalve, Service Set-up and forks re-sprung

  • Shock Revalve Service and set-up (Non-Rebuildable Conversion) and re-sprung