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       < Application: Enduro 110kg
Problem:     Bottoming
Comments / observations:
    "I bought a new 2005 CRF250X in Dec '05. I noticed immediately that my weight was a bit much for the stock spring. I can't set the race sag correctly and the bike bottoms out when landing off jumps. I weigh approx 245lbs and I'm looking to replace the spring with one better suited for my weight. I'm also unsure as to whether I need to replace the components of my front forks?"    
The '05 CRF is basically set-up for 75kg so you will definitely need new fork and shock springs and it's not possible to have the bike work properly unless you revalve front and rear. We can revalve the standard set-up and it will give you an excellent result using the standard equipment or, if you want it to perform competitively, we can use MX-Tech components and pretty much guarantee a superb set-up for any type of riding.

What you have now will bottom easily, have poor feel, low control on braking and turn-in and very poor traction accelerating out of corners.


  • Fork Revalve, Service set-up and spring


  • Shock Revalve Service and set-up and including spring



  • MX-Tech fork kit service, set-up and spring


  • MX-Tech shock kit service and set-up including spring