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    Kawasaki   Z750E    
       < Application: Sports / Road 90kg
Problem: Rough roads
Comments / observations:
    "Hi Peter,

I have a 1981 Kawasaki Z750E and Id like to improve its suspension a bit. I have a few questions for you, but first, some details;
  • My main aim for the bike is to achieve maximum fun-per-dollar,
  • I live on the mid north coast of NSW, where I am surrounded by lots of great roads, but they are all very rough and poorly maintained,
  • I rarely go very fast, so performance at 150kmh+ is irrelevant, most of the time I wont exceed 110 or so.
  • I weigh about 90kg,
  • most of my riding is solo, but sometimes with a passenger about 70kg.
  • suspension on bike now is the KYB 36mm forks and non-rebuildable KYB 1153 rear units it left the factory with.
Questions; FORKS
  • Can I install your pro valves myself? Do they just sit on top of the damper rod like the Race Tech ones? or is some machining required (apart from enlarging the damping orifices)?
  • How much is a set of pro valves and replacement springs?
Questions; REAR
  • I cannot justify spending well over a grand on top of the line aftermarket shocks I just do not get to use the bike enough for that
  • Is it possible for you to rebuild and re-valve the old KYB shocks which are on the bike? Or is this a ridiculous thing to contemplate silk purse from sows ear type of thing? They are a basic twin tube design with adjustment for preload and rebound damping. What I am thinking is that a brand new pair of Ikons or Hagons are not really any more advanced in design than these KYB shocks are.
  • If this is possible, what sort of cost would be involved?

I look forward to hearing from you.


You can fit the valves yourself and our instruction sheet gives all the details on how to do it correctly without complicated machining, you do need to drill some holes in the damper tube.

The standard Kawasaki Z750e set up will have too soft a fork spring feel for your weight and type of riding,

(check sags to verify  roadbike set-up and tuning ).

The forks soft compression settings can't control dive properly and yet have a harsh feel on square edged bumps. The rebound action is also too soft (in sync. with the compression) giving little traction feel and stability especially on corner turn in.

The original twin shocks are not economically rebuildable, so we usually fit Ikons that we modify and revalve to suit. This gives better adjustability and a more plush feel and are fully rebuildable.

To get the best sport / road feel we recommend fitting our Provalve fork damping system. This uses two shim stacks; one to control dive and the other to control compression damping and to remove the harshness spike. Also fork springs and shock springs to suit your weight and a revalve for the twin shocks, matched to your bike and riding style and usage application.


SERVICE damper tube type $140..fork seals incl. tube polishing $40

PROVALVE compression damping and dive control $190

SPRINGS to suit rider weight and bike combination $195 pair


IKON std $470

IKON modified $590

HAGON nonrebuildable $430

HAGON rebuildable $630

Please call for more information or booking times

Regards Peter