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  Email to ProMechA 4 December 2013  

KTM DUKE 690 '09 (update)

Hi Peter,
Over the weekend I had a chance to try your work out at Broadford.  Aside from subjectively feeling more stable all-round, objectively there was quite a difference too.
I haven't the skill to tell if rebound or compression needs a click either way, but rear tyre wear was completely uniform with a tiny ripple pattern correct pressure nailed). The tread grooves weren't raised on either the leading or trailing edges either.
Under hard braking things felt so good I could brake later and harder with complete confidence. This was subconscious and I only realised what was happening because I had to grip the bike tighter with my legs to stop myself from lifting off the seat.
The tyres are my only quantifiable reference and I'll get to concentrate on the front end at PI in Jan. I imagine I'm looking for the same symptoms as I did on the rear tyre, but would appreciate any suggestions.
We also mentioned shedding weight. A big dollar exhaust would save me 5kg but I got a similar effect with a $20 fuel can. Unfortunately, Danmoto had no exhaust for me. I want less weight, but don't want to upset the power delivery or attract attention with racetrack noises getting to and from riding areas. Is there anyone local you think it would be worth me talking to?  Forums are flawed but I've read so many tales of woe about hesitancy and peaky power delivery after exhaust changes that I don't intend to go in blind.
All the best to you, your lady wife and the amiable doorbell. Really happy with your work!
Kind regards, Mark

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Email to ProMechA 23 November 2013

KTM DUKE 690 '09

Hi Peter,
  A quick note to say thank you for your work and advice. Even on the quick (straight) run home the difference under brakes is remarkable - I didn't realise how   how much custard the forks had contained until they behaved properly!

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