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    (Report to ProMechA October 2009)  
    Following on previous successes at Club level (winner of George Carrick Trophy 07, Superlight Class Hartwell MCC '06 & '07), LACHLAN HILL has now won the 2009 Victorian 125cc championship. The very next weekend, he then took out yet another trophy first in the Master of Mac Park/Formula Mac Park for 2009.  
26 - THURSDAY, September 24, 2009 The Standard
Macarthur biker wins Victorian 125cc championship
Hill claims state title
DRIVING for a living and overcome difficulties on the run has helped Macarthur agricultural contractor Lachlan Hill claim the Victorian 125cc motorcycle title at Broadford.
After a slow start to the four round series, the 35-year-old stormed home in the final three races at Broadford last weekend to win the title by just one point.
Hill said that the first couple of rounds at Broadford and Winton were tough as he wrestled with his bike's set-up during  the three races in each round.
He said that in the third round at Phillip Island
last month he was much more competitive, taking on some of Australia's best 125cc racers.
"A lot of the grand prix 125cc racers used that Victorian title round as a bit of a hit out at Phillip Island," he said.
"But despite the competition, things went much better. There were five wildcards racing and I finished the weekend fourth overall which was very pleasing.
"Those blokes have a lot more money and horsepower than I have." Hill said that going into the final three races at Broadford he needed to qualify well.
Lachlan Hill - 2009 Victorian 125cc Champion
Motorcyclist Lachlan Hill stormed home to be Vicoria's best
 "We only got in one fast lap before I crashed on saturday. On the second lap I went into a turn at about 100kmph, the front let go and down the road it all went," he said.  challengers he was delighted to finish  up qualifying second on the grid for the three races.
"We patched up the bike and got it going. We had to bend a
few things back into shape and lost a little straight line speed," he said.
"Heading into the last round we worked out I had to finish second. Finishing even wouldn't have been enough as I would have been beaten on a countback. It finished up being a bit stressful but we finished second to win the title by a point"
Hill has been racing motorbikes for ten years.
"I've always raced grand prix races bikes, but this 125cc is the best bike I've ever ridden. I raced 350cc classics and modern 250cc, but this 125cc bike is as fast as the 250cc bike I had," he said.
"It's amazing what you can get out of the little motors. The bikes only weigh 75kg and
just fly round corners. There's a lot of passing in this grade because of slipstreaming."
Hill said he contested the state title this year after racing in club events and would consider dropping back to club events and contesting a couple of national series rounds next year.
"It's a lot more money and you just about need factory backing. I work for myself with my father. You can't just go to Brisbane for the weekend and then turn around in a fortnight and head off again." he said
"Last weekend DM Truck centre gave me some oil which helped out and Peter from Promecha Suspensions in Melbourne has helped me get an advantage through the corners."
    Lachlan Hill 2009
Lachlan Hill 2009