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Subject - Bike Mods and Handling

(e-mail to ProMechA 8 Mar 2011)
  G'day Peter,
I have been meaning for some time to thank you for the great work you performed on my K1 GSXR 1000 back on 17/7/2010.

When I explained to you the issues I was having with the bike in regards to running wide on corners and breaking stability and also the issues with putting the power to the ground {this is hard with the K1 model as the power is quite raw and unforgiving}

You did a wonderful job on my K1 it just transformed the motorcycle into what it is today just a great bike, tracks like it is on rails and also has great stability under brakes and puts the power down so well when I am on the gas exiting corners.

Great job you did for my motorcycle and for me as I know now what this bike is capable of as it is so predictable for me now to read.

Before you performed your suspension upgrade I was chewing up rubber on the rear end as the bike just would not put the power down.{2000-2500kms per set of tyres Bridgestone BT016}

After suspension mods {3000-3500 kms} per set {The front tyre wears first on the outer edges as the mods allow me to trust my front end so much as you feel the grip so much more}

Peter thanks for the mod's you made listed below.

Set up bike to riders weight and ride style.
Front end: New fork springs, revalve, seals, service.
Rear end: New rear spring, revalve + Shock Flow Valve (SFV17), service, reoil, regas

To anyone who acquires a new bike or second hand one get your suspension sorted out by someone who listens to what you want from your bike and how you want it to perform.

To upgrade or to have your suspension set up for your individual needs will make your bike work for you and not against you it will make you smoother through entry and also on the gas sooner exiting throughout the corner.

The bike also will also be more balanced as you come in hard under brakes for that corner entry it just increases stability overall from front end to the back end as they work together.

I will see you later in the year as I will be upgrading from the K1 so you will be setting up my next sports bike to my requirements and needs.

Thanks for looking after a few of my mates with suspension issues over the last 6 months it has also transformed their bikes as well.

Kind regards,