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  Subject - Bike Lowering and Handling
(e-mail to ProMechA 24 Mar 2010)
I have been meaning to let you know what a great result we have had.

It was nearly a month ago we brought my wife’s Triumph Daytona 675 to you with the hope that you might be able to do something to make it more pleasurable to ride. With the bike lowered by a lowering link and the already rock hard standard suspension, my wife was quickly losing confidence in the bike as at 60kgs she was not exactly getting a comfortable or confidence inspiring ride.

The lowering was causing plenty of problems with the handling not to mention frequently being tossed out of the seat on minor irregularities in the road surface by the too hard suspension set up.
Leaving the bike with you for a day has had results we could only have dreamed of.

Re-valving and correct spring rates have been the best modification we could have ever made.

Now that my ham fisted suspension setting technique has been ditched in favour of listening to what you say and taking time to get it right my wife has renewed confidence in her riding and is once again enjoying every ride.

Lowering the bike only a small amount has created its hassles as she would ideally like it lower, but she is learning to live with it as the benefits to handling have been so great that she doesn’t want to change it.

Thank you Peter it has been the best money we have ever spent on a bike.


Colin & Jennifer