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  Email to ProMechA  5th March 2014

Yamaha FZS1000 upgrades

Peter -

Just a bit of feedback on the blue Fazer 1000 you did springs, valves and a rebuild on in January.

Riding it away, the damping felt better (i.e. it existed) but the bike was still quite slow to steer and the front end felt vague and distant. It was certainly more comfy and handled pillions better but got bouncier than I liked when I hit big bumps leaned over, and I felt it was hitting bumps a bit hard too.

I gave it a while to think about it, then made three adjustments - pulled the forks 10mm up through the triples, jacked the rebound damping up to a click or two out from full, and went down halfway on the compression damping front and rear.

What a difference - the bike now feels like an absolute weapon in the turns. Steering is beautifully responsive and bounce is well controlled. I honestly never thought this bike could handle this well, it's a great balance of comfort, quick steering and cornering control. The anti-dive characteristics give it a noticeably improved feeling of stability under brakes, and the missus is a big fan of the anti-squat at the rear, although that and the geometry adjustment have definitely made it harder to wheelie, which is a touch sad. ;)

Anyway, it's handling like an absolute dream now, I'm very happy. It's money well spent and I thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks again!

All the best


Loz Blain