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    Peter Woodward  Triumph Bonneville T100 at Mount Pan Triumph Bonneville T100 at Mount Pan  
    Note: Peter has had his bike fitted with the Provalve Damping Control kit with integral anti-dive, springs and rebound modifications  
    Hi Trish & Peter, You may quote me... Very happy with the results. Have not had a lot of time on them yet - but love what I feel. The anti-dive is awesome and the bike is transformed. Attached images for your website. When I take a new shot (with your stickers on and fork caps fitted) I will send this to you. Thanks again.

best regards
Peter Woodward
    Follow-up Email to ProMechA 19 Jan 2007  
    Update on my forks (now that Iíve actually run them in).....  
    Hi Peter,  
    Really impressed with how a basic fork has been transformed into a confidence inspiring front end. Now that the springs have settled I canít believe how accurately the forks steer and how confident under brakes Ė awesome. Obviously itís not a high-speed sled but I ride quick on rough country roads and the wheels arenít light.  
    Iím enjoying the profound difference from the anti-dive and having a true compression circuit which can cope with big hits.  At first I thought the setting was too firm but I just wasnít pushing hard enough. The anti-dive feature works so well and settles the bike so well I am amazed Ė it just goes where you point it. The thing I wasnít expecting - just how close to ideal the set-up is for me, you really get that right. Money well spent and a very professional service - recommended.  
    Thanks and all the best to you and Trish,
Peter Woodward