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    Garry McPherson's 99 TLR 1000
(Picture from ProMechA Workshop)
Garry McPherson's 99 TLR 1000
Garry McPherson's 99 Suzuki TL1000
  Forks had been reworked by another company but suspension was not performing up to the bike/rider combination.

ProMechA revalve and modifications to existing suspension to solve all his front suspension handling problems
    Email to ProMechA 1 Sept 2006
Good Morning Peter,

Just a short note to say thanks for the speed and quality of service you offered me this week in relation to the repair of my TLR front end. The information you offered in relation to both the repairs AND modifications required to fix the problem and improve rideability were very clear and greatly appreciated.
    In relation to the way the bike now acts, I can only say I am GREATLY impressed. It now tips with a far greater accuracy than before, settles much quicker and the corner prep/anti dive is incredible. Fly in hard, grab a fistful to wash a little speed off, and instead of the front end diving and me being thrown onto the bars, it simply squats relatively level and slows down. Now all I have to do is steer.
    I am now trailbraking where before I was hesitant due to the way it reacted. And the feel from the front tyre is a new experience to say the least! So that's what it is like to know what your front end is doing.
    Once again your advice was on the money, and you have delivered what you have promised. And all this is on the soft road set up! I can't wait to get it on the track in October and fine-tune it for faster work.
    Once again, many thanks and please feel free to pass my feedback onto anyone who wishes to know what your work is like.    
Garry McPherson  99 TLR 1000