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    MX-Tech Conversion
Feedback from Mark Barton and Morgwn Wood
  KTM450EXC MX-Tech Valving front & Rear  
    Note: Both Morgwn's KTM450EXC and Mark's KTM300EXC have new MX-Tech complete suspension conversion front and rear, including balanced springs, valving, MX-Tech pistons and MX-Tech PDS needle.    
    Email to ProMechA 16 Oct 2006


So THATS how my 2004 KTM 450EXC should feel! Can't begin to describe the smile on my face over the weekend when I finally got to take the old girl out for a spin. Single biggest improvement I have ever felt on a bike. You can be sure I will highly recommend your services, and will definitely be back should I replace the current bike. I'm thinking that's unlikely for a while now, this is brilliant!
Morgwn Wood
    Email to ProMechA 20 March 2007  
    Hi Peter and Brad,  
    Just a quick note to thank you and let you know how much I like the MX-tech setup you did recently for my KTM 06 300 exc. I have spent plenty of time on it now and am very impressed. The shock is miles ahead of the standard setup and tracks really well, doesn't kick and is very compliant with no harshness (fantastic traction). The bike feels really well balanced front to rear now and the fork is awesome - hardly any deflection anymore and braking bumps into corners and rocks at speed do not bounce me offline anymore. Generally I feel like my tyres are on the ground a whole lot more now instead of getting bounced off everything. I can hit stuff a whole lot harder and faster now with out feeling it hit me back.  
    The suggested clicker settings were also very good and I have only gone a little firmer with the compression front and rear.
So I am very happy - this is definitely the best setup ktm suspension I have ridden.
Mark Barton