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    road/race  front fork  equipment, products and parts  

front fork units

Modifications to existing units, restore old to new or high quality replacement units.
    Front Fork Tubes    

fork tubes

Hardchrome or Gold-Nitride to existing fork tubes
High quality replacement fork tubes
    Steering Dampers    

steering dampers

We supply (and repair) steering enhancements by leading manufacturers including all fixtures and fittings. A steering damper's job on a roadbike is to control side-to-side oscillations of the front wheel (headshake). Most headshake problems, especially with an application of sports/touring come from the rear shock. It unloads the front as the back squats too far, and this causes headshake in most situations. As an extreme example - consider a Race Bike where the front wheel will very likely come off the track. If it hits a bump when it comes down it can cause headshake; the job of a steering damper is to stop these oscillations. They may be of a particular amplitude to not self-cancel. The steering damper does this for you.

VP3 VP4 fork cartridge valves

ProMechA are pleased to release a new series of valves for both fork and shock. Designed in-house, our new system offers the greatest scope for tuning ever. Pictured are our VP4 20mm kits - unique, due to the ability to modify port dimensions to suit the application; allowing a broad range of motorcycle types and riding styles to be accommodated and giving far greater scope for tuning.
  Australian made  

provalve damping control kit

ProMechA have developed the PROVALVE for conventional forks which offers a full 3 way lo/mid and high speed compression damping with an in-built hydraulic anti-dive circuit. With its integral dive control unit and shimstack adjustable damping control, the Provalve will give your conventional fork set the performance of a cartridge unit.
  Australian made  
        The ability to fine-tune suspension is increased enormously allowing for a rider-specific set-up based on weight, riding style and application over and above any standard suspension. Because of the multi-stage shimstack configuration, we can separately control dive rate, lo/mid and hi-speed compression damping.  Removing the fork cap and spring allows removal of the Provalve which then can easily be adjusted.      
        When fitted with the correct spring and rebound modifications, your conventional fork set will be more than a challenge for the very best production motorcycle.
Promecha Provalves are an Aussie product. The kit comes with an assortment of different size shims and instructions. Easy to deal with, made from billet aluminium and makes a huge difference in handling
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    Fork springs    

fork springs

It is important to match spring rates to your weight and riding style ensuring that front and rear rates are complementary, with damping to suit. We supply springs from all leading brands, which are universally manufactured to ISO standards. Contrary to the belief of some, springs do not 'wear out' - it is usually old and over-used damping oil that causes this sensation.
    Motorcycle Suspension Tools



suspension tools

Shock Bleed Tool and pistons

shock bullet tools

Fork oil level tool

  Australian made  
    Fork parts    

fork parts

Fork Parts Front Fork Bushes Front Fork Seals etc.
Parts for all makes and models




    Stroke Marker    

Stroke marker