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    road/race  rear shock  equipment, products and parts  
    Shock Unit    

rear shock units

We supply aftermarket shocks from all leading manufacturers and customised shocks built to order at varying cost (dependent on brand and design features).

Your purchase choice will depend upon the level of performance you want to gain from modifying your suspension.

rear shock units

Modifications to existing units. For the rear shock, a new spring and a revalve will take a lot of the harsh feel out of the shock, and will improve plushness and help control squat. These mods will give you a superior shock when compared to the standard unit.

The aftermarket shock will have an advantage, mostly in the way the adjusters work, the piston design and the slippery surface finishes. 

custom shocks built to order

We can restore old shocks to new or build new shocks customised to your requirements and application. 
  Australian made  
    PMA VP3/VP4

VP3 VP4 shock valves

ProMechA are pleased to release a new series of valves for both fork and shock. Designed in-house, our new system offers the greatest scope for tuning ever. Pictured are our VP4 20mm kits - unique, due to the ability to modify port dimensions to suit the application; allowing a broad range of motorcycle types and riding styles to be accommodated and giving far greater scope for tuning.
  Australian made  
    PMA Shock Pistons    

pma 40/46 shock piston

Modern sportsbikes have many compromises to shock design. With our exclusive piston design, we are able to maximise feel and control for all modern sports and touring bikes. We can tailor port dimensions to give just the right feel for any linkaged rear suspension design. 
  Australian made  

squat control valves

Pictured is one of our three types of Shock Flow Valves providing increased corner exit stability and exceptional lo-speed rebound damping; controlling rear suspension on off throttle and cornering forces. 
  Australian made  
    road/race  rear shock  springs and parts   ^  
    Shock spring    

shock springs

It is important to match spring rates to your weight and riding style ensuring that front and rear rates are complementary, with damping to suit. We supply springs from all leading brands, which are universally manufactured to ISO standards. Contrary to the belief of some, springs do not 'wear out' - it is usually old and over-used damping oil that causes this sensation.
    Motorcycle Suspension Tools



suspension tools

Shock Bleed Tool and pistons

shock bullet tools

Fork oil level tool

  Australian made  
    Shock parts    

shock parts

Shock Parts, shock bladders, gas caps, spring collars, spring seats, shock seal heads etc. Parts for all makes and models.
    Shock Parts    

shock parts

Shock Parts, shock bladders, gas caps, spring collars, spring seats etc. Parts for all makes and models 
    Shock Bladder    

shock parts

Shock Parts, shock bladders, gas caps, spring collars, spring seats etc. Parts for all makes and models 




    Stroke Marker    

Stroke marker