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Ducati gasgas Honda Kawasaki KTM Suzuki Triumph Yamaha
    Triumph   Sprint ST 1996    
       < Application: Sports / Touring 75kg
Problem:     Wallowing in Corners
Comments / observations:
    "Wallowing in corners."    
The rear shock suffers from harshness and, confusingly, too soft damping both compression and rebound. When you screw the rebound adjuster in all the way, it will make the shock feel more harsh. To fix the rear shock we would recommend revalving to cure the damping problems and possibly a spring, but we would need to test your spring first.

The front forks also have problems with too fast a dive rate, spring too soft, rebound too soft and again, a harsh feel. If you want to fix the front end problems, we would strongly recommend a new spring and our Provalve kit. This will give you a plush ride, very controlled dive and we match rebound settings to the new spring.

  • Provalve Service Set-up and spring

    This will give you the performance of a cartridge fork with shimstack adjustable damping control, a separate dive control circuit and a superb plush feel.

  • Rear Shock Revalve Non-rebuildable service and set-up (and spring if needed)

    Dismantle and reassemble shock, check all components for wear or damage and replace and/or repair where necessary. Revalve according to rider application, riding style and weight. Re-oil and re-gas.