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workshop bikes

snapshots of bikes at our workshop

          Kawasaki H2R 1971 Race
Chassis Suspension mods

Honda CBR1000 Track Bike

When converting a HONDA CBR1000 for a track bike, dialling in the suspension settings is a must. Forks revalved to suit a dedicated track bike and to meet David's skill level. Rear shock re-fitted to properly set up the remote canister as flexing could damage the braided hoses.

  Kawasaki H2R Racebike 1971 Chassis and Suspension Mods  

Yamaha MT09

The YAMAHA MT09 is a great all-rounder but after having soft forks diving too fast and a rear shock that was harsh and lacking controlled feel, Matthew was impressed with his new-found handling once we re-sprung and revalved his suspension.


Mods pics above and below:

Peter Kay's H2R reproduction roadbike based frame was not suitable for use with the modern tyres available...


Kawasaki H2R Racebike 1971 Chassis and Suspension Mods

...So the overall frame design had to be altered.

Motor position, rear suspension geometry and front suspension geometry has all been re-engineered; along with the exhaust system and suspension unit internals that have been upgraded to modern specs.

With a lot more work still to be done (as can be seen in our pics) the Kawasaki H2R will soon be ready for an initial shake-down.


Suzuki DR650

The SUZUKI DR650 has a motor that just won't quit, but getting the soft feel torque to the ground was a problem for Matthew. So we fixed the front forks with PROVALVES and springs and the rear with a revalve and spring, so now he is riding safe on his two week inland safari.

Honda Blackbird

Theo had done a gear riding on his HONDA BLACKBIRD before deciding the handling must be improved. Feel and feedback without harshness were his objectives, as he wants to keep his Blackbird for some more years.

Ducati Diavel 11

Lenny's recent acquisition of a /11 model DIAVEL with its standard set up proved to be too firm for long rides. A revalve and re-spring to suit his style now has him happy.

MV Agusta F3 800 ABS

Melissa has traded up from her Suzuki GSXR 750 to a MV AUGUSTA F3 800 ABS but found the seat height way too high. Lowered, revalved and re-sprung now enables her to enjoy her new MV to the full.

Ducati Diavel

Stephen found his new DIAVEL didn't match his size (6ft 4in 100kg). So to get the bike to live up to its reputation, we had to re-spring and revalve to suit his needs. 

Kawasaki Ninja ZX1000

Arj likes sports/touring and daily commute on his NINJA ZX1000. However, he found the set-up harsh and too tall for him. So we lowered and revalved the standard internals front and rear. Now the bike fits him.
    Suzuki GSXR600 2007 suspension modifications  

Ducati 1100 EVO

Louise had trouble with overall bike height and too hard suspension front and rear. So we lowered, re-sprung and revalved her DUCATI 1100 EVO to suit her 57kg.

KTM Duke 690

Henry's standard suspension was way too soft, undersprung and under-damped, for his 95kg. So new springs and a revalve has him using his 690 Duke as a road bike

Suzuki Bandit

There's nothing like a new bike but when a pinched neck nerve plus standard suspension leaves you with discomfort, Bernie decided that lowering and revalving with springs to suit his weight will fix the problems


Phil has recently purchased his bike and had a full front and rear suspension service

Ducati 999SS

Glenn's Ducati 999SS with a revalve to better suit his riding style
    Suzuki GSXR600 2007 suspension modifications  

Suzuki GSXR600 2007

Brett's GSXR being prepped for a Racebike with VP4 20mm Comp and Reb kits front and rear and SFV17 Shock flow valve
    MV Agusta F4 2000 suspension modifications  

MV Agusta F4 2000

70kg Tom finds the MV's standard suspension too harsh for his use and wants it set for him to use for fast trackdays without the harshness
    GasGas EC300 suspension modifications  

GasGas EC300

Nigel's GasGas EC300 needs the Marzocchi and Ohlins suspension freshened up and revalved to suit his improved riding skills.
    Honda 750F 1988 suspension modifications  

Honda 750F 1988

Jason and his period class racebike are in for a suspension upgrade to Forks and Ohlins rear Shock, along with chassis mods to get it to steer too.
    Honda CBR1000 '07 suspension modifications  

Honda CBR1000 '07

Revalve Front and Rear

Revalve to make the CBR handle for ride day duties, especially when considering he's going to be using Supersport spec tyres.
    Suzuki GSXR600 '05 suspension modifications  

Suzuki GSXR600 '05

Front revalve and rear revalve with SFV17 shock flow valve to remove squat for this Rideday special and probable Club Racer when the rideday bug is out of the way.
    Kawasaki ZX6 '04 suspension modifications  

Kawasaki ZX6 '04

This recently purchased ZX6 is in for service and revalve for Ride days and a set of head stem bearings to make it steer properly.
    Yamaha R6 2008 suspension modifications  

Yamaha R6 2008

David Wu needs his newly purchased R6 lowered front and rear.
    KTM 450EXC 2006 suspension modifications  

KTM 450EXC 2006

Tony has recently purchased the 450 and found the gearing too tall, not enough grip in the tyres and suspension springs and damping not looking after the control side on the bike.

So we'll fix all of these and get his 115kg into a more comfortable and controlled ride.
    KTM Adventure 990 suspension modifications  

2 x KTM Adventure 990's '09

'Rottweiler' bike with Ridgeback dog


    KTM Adventure 990 suspension modifications  
Gary and Ian Rider of Rider Bros Motorcycle Training have these two Adventure bikes to play with when not teaching people how to ride a motorcycle.

At 90kg and 115kg each, they both need springs and a revalve to give them better control doing 120kph+ feet-up power slides