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    Yamaha   YZF - R6 2006    
       < Application: Sports Riding 55kg
Problem:     Bike Lowering Front & Rear
Comments / observations:
    "Hi there,
I am wanting to lower my bike by 2 inches and have purchased a set of Vortex Lowering Links for the back and an adjustable kickstand to replace the stock one. Could you please give me a quote to lower the back with the lowering links I have and also to lower the front to a suitable height as well. Thank you.
? do you have 2 inches clearance under the rear guard if you bottom out.
front suspension travel 120mm reduce 2in (50mm) = 70mm, is this safe ?
Regards peter

    "Hi Peter,
What would you recommend? So the lowering links I purchased is pretty much a waste of money? Is there any way to lower the back by 2 inches and lower the front just a little. I need to lower the bike somehow because at the moment I don't have the confidence I should have because I am on my toes during stand still. I look forward to your reply. Thanks.
The R6 is a sports/race bike works great std as that type of bike, lowering reduces the cornering /clearance performance. The max. we lower that bike is 25mm front & rear and always lower Fr & Rr the same amount.
Regards peter

    Note: Refer - Mods Section 'Lowering'